Bitcoin and Gift Cards Rates


Quantity Rate Trade
$1000 above N460/$ Trade Now
$100 – $999 N460/$ Trade Now
$50 – $99 N460/$ Trade Now
Note: Please tell us the name of the wallet you are sending from, so as to save bitcoin transfer charges for you

iTunes Gift Cards

Country Denomination Rates
USA $50 and $100


USA $101-$200 N210$
USA $51-$99 N200/$
USA $10-$49 N200/$
USA E-code $50 and $100 N200/$
Canada $50 and above N100/$
Australia $50 and above N100/$
Germany €50 and above N200/€
Euro (Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Portugal) €50 and above N190/€
UK €50 and above N175/£
Switzerland $50 and above N200/$
Singapore $50 and above N95/$
New Zealand $50 and above N0/$
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Steam Gift Cards

USAN290/$ Trade Now
CanadaN170/$ Trade Now
AustraliaN160/$ Trade Now

Google Gift Cards

USAN300/$ Trade Now
CanadaN190/$ Trade Now
AustraliaN190/$ Trade Now


Country Cash Receipt Debit Receipt Credit Receipt Activation Receipt
USA N250/$ N230/$ N220/$ N200/$
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Other Gift Cards

CardCountryDenominationsRatesLoading Time
Sephora USA $100 and above N290/$ 1-2hrs
Nordstorm USA $100 and above N280/$ 1-2hrs
Ebay USA $100 and above N270/$10mins
Walmart USA $100 – $300N270/$ 1-2hrs
Walmart USA $400 – $2000 N290/$ 1-2hrs
Apple Store USA $500 – $2000 N290/$ 1-2hrs
Vanilla USA $100 – $500 N290/$ 1-2hrs
Nike USA $200 – $500 N250/$ 1-2hrs
Sams Club USA $500 N230/$ 1-2hrs
Best Buy USA $1000 N230/$ 1-2hrs
Target USA $500 – $2000 N230/$ 1-2hrs
Macy’s USA $500 – $2000 N220/$ 1-2hrs
Game Shop USA $300 – $2000 N205/$ 1-2hrs
Visa USA $500 N290/$ 1-2hrs
Amex USA $500 N295/$ 1-2hrs

Best Selling Gift Cards